Press Statement: Raising Concerns Over Those Undermining Somalia's Territorial Integrity

A recent state visit to Addis Ababa accorded to a delegation led by a group of Somali secessionists from Hargeisa has triggered serious concerns about infringement of Somalia's sovereignty. We must therefore break the silence on the matter.

After carefully observing and studying events over the last several weeks, we have confirmed that what appears to be rogue elements within the Ethiopian government, effectively holdovers of the deposed and universally despised Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF), are using their offices to engage in dangerous clannist politics that transcend international borders and threaten the peace and cooperation between the sisterly nations of the Horn of Africa.

At this critical juncture when the broad masses of the Horn are coming together in solidarity, the rogue elements within the Ethiopian government are working to spoil this push towards unity for their own narrow, exploitative sectarian ends (i.e. clannism). More specifically, these rogue elements provoked the following two divisive actions:

The official state reception in Addis Ababa for Hargeisa-based secessionist Somalis who claimed to represent an "independent state"; and

The categorization by state-owned Ethiopian Airlines on its destination map of an independent, Hargeisa-centered secessionist state inside the borders of the Somali state.

These two dangerous acts directly undermine Somalia's territorial integrity, especially at a time when the Somali government and people are working hard to reconstitute their nation and elect their next leadership. Unilateral secession of entire subnational regions on the basis of tribe or clan run counter to the mission and spirit of the #NoMore movement, which seeks to bring together all African and exploited peoples to end their collective exploitation with the greater goal of promoting collective peace, prosperity and progress.

The #NoMore movement stands firmly with the Somali people against all remaining TPLF remnants and rogue elements in the Ethiopian government that seek to sabotage Somali sovereignty and development; that seek to interrupt the growing solidarity across the Horn of Africa and thus expose the fragmented peoples to outside exploitation.

As such, we urge the Ethiopian government to retract these counterproductive and divisive policies towards Somalia and prosecute those who subtly undermine the current regional order. We stand behind the governments of Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea as they work to unite the Horn and free the peoples of the region from the shackles of imperialism and foreign exploitation.


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