Ethiopians in Uganda protest western meddling in conflict, form “No More” movement

The Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia on Saturday, launched the world wide movement dubbed ‘No More’ in Uganda, aimed at denouncing terrorist designated Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as well as western powers’ meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.

The event took place in the premise of Ethiopian embassy on December 11, 2021 and was joined by participants holding placards and wearing T-shirts adorned by the motto dubbed as “No More”.

Participants criticized some westerners for their neo- colonial agendas in Africa and international media’s for their misrepresenting and misreporting facts as well as disinformation campaigns against Ethiopia.

In an introductory remark , Ethiopia’s ambassador to Uganda, Alemtsehay Mesert noted that the war in Ethiopia was waged by the TPLF group when it attacked the national defense force on Nov 4, 2020 .

Ethiopia’s ambassador to Uganda, Alemtsehay Mesert addresses the gathering

She added that TPLF’s rejection of the unilateral ceasefire decision of the government and escalating the war into the Amhara and Afar regions and committing atrocious acts such as massacring innocents and demolition of properties of the people has witnessed the group’s cruelty, belligerent and war-monger behavior.

The Ambassador lauded Ethiopian community and friends of Ethiopia in Uganda for their unwavering commitment to stand for Ethiopia and also calls for African brothers and sisters across the world to join the “No More” movement in order to withstand external intervention in the internal affairs and undue pressures in countries in Africa.

Amaha Yirga, a chairperson of the Ethiopian Community Support mobilization Taskforce, noted that as Ethiopians residing in Ethiopia, they could not remain silent when the TPLF and its allies try to undermine their country and that it is why they gathered to denounce the group and its western sympathizers, international media which he said engaged in disseminating fake news about Ethiopia.

“Our community has voiced “No More” to oppose double standards and interference and it is our obligation to provide financial support to the IDPs and moral support to the Ethiopian National defense Force as they are giving out their blood and flesh in the frontline for the sake of their country,” Yirga said.

Aster Solomon, a representative of Eritrean Community in Uganda, noted that Ethiopian and Eritreans have old and historic relations and  blamed the TPLF for being an obstacle to those relations.

She praised fellow Eritreans and Ethiopians across the world for being a voice to the peoples of the two countries and she criticized the imperialists’ ambition in the two countries and said   “hands off Ethiopia and Eritrea”.

Alex Masereka Joel , a Ugandan writer and journalist said that the fact that Ethiopia houses the headquarters of the African Union, Africa cannot sit and watch imperialists meddle into affairs of Ethiopia.

“That means it is the heart of Africa. Sitting back when it is under attack by enemies within and without, is something we as Africans cannot afford to do. It is our duty as citizens of this African continent, to speak out as one voice against imperialists. An attack on Ethiopia is an attack on Africa,” Masereka said.

Tuhami Rodney, a Ugandan lawyer and Pan Africanist said, “ We stand with our brothers and sisters from Ethiopia and condemn the continued interference by some Western countries in the internal affairs of the country. We say that enough is enough, no more interference and meddling in the internal politics of African States.  African problems canbe addressed with African solutions,”

Senait Mulugeta, an Ethiopian Diaspora in Uganda, underscored that the battle in Ethiopia has various fronts and that they are here to voice the sufferings of their fellow people caused by the TPLF.

She further noted that the international community should shun away from distorted rhetoric and disinformation campaigns of international media whose claim of the capital was under siege , the government used hunger as weapon of war and such other claims proven to be false.

The development comes days after the Ethiopian government announced that they had retaken strategic towns of Dessie and Kombolcha which the TPLF rebel group had claimed as the group tried to enter capital, Addis Ababa.

However, some international media and western countries have in the past few days pinpointed Prime minister Ahmed’s government of carrying out illegal detentions and atrocities against thousands of people believed to have been targeted based on their ethnic identity during the course of fights something Ahmed’s government denied.

“Insinuating in that regard is misguided, it’s not only misguided but it’s also perpetuating a destructive narrative,” Ahmed’s spokesperson was quoted.


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