Ethiopians in diaspora denounce western bullying, rally Africans to unit against foreign meddling

Ethiopians living and working abroad have voiced their support for the Ethiopian government and denounced the US government’s foreign policy there, seen as sympathetic to rebels fighting Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian diasporas are doing this—expressing support for PM Abiy Ahmed and also slamming US sanctions on the country and its neighbor Eritrea, which they say are meant to force PM Abiy to give into his western backed aggressors.

Similar rallies have previously been held in London, France, German and Netherlands.

The Ethiopian diasporas backed by Eritreans and several other historicals from Africa are continuing to denounce what they termed as western bullying.

The US recently sanctioned Asmara for its role in the conflict in Ethiopia and has since used the international media to undermine Ethiopian government and its people.

The Ethiopian diasporas now say that they won’t give in to western aggression—reasoning that Ethiopians can govern their own affairs and fate—condemning the continued meddling in Africa’s affairs by the West which has left a number of African nations ruined and their resources squandered.

Nebiyu Asfaw a Social Justice activist and Co-founder, Ethio-American Development Council based in US has revealed in an interview that there is no better time than now for Africans to unite behind the #NoMore campaign and fail plans by the West to use the TPLF rebels over throw a legitimate government.

In the last two years since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister, the contribution via the diaspora in Ethiopia’s economy has shown a significant growth. Two commercial banks with an aggregate capital of $400m are under formation by Ethiopian-born foreign nationals living abroad.

Nebiyu said that the No More campaign started as part of the one-year anniversary of the day the TPLF launched a war against Ethiopia and it is aimed at nullifying the disinformation circulated by the Western media against Ethiopia.

The Activist said that the Western media is demonizing Ethiopian government and the people by portraying victims as the oppressors and the oppressors as victims.

“The Western governments are cheering and helping the TPLF, this has silenced Ethiopia and they are willing to force the per pet regime that has always been a Western per pet who ruled Ethiopia for 27 years with an iron fist. They are the reason millions of Ethiopians fled the country like us and we are in the diaspora as we ran away from the brutality of TPLF,” Nebiyu said.

He noted that, “The campaign is a Pan African movement bringing all Africans together to end Neo-colonialism and modern-day colonialism where we are made to fight against each other as they come in to help minority groups and at the end, they are plundering our resources.”

Nebiyu observed that after failing Libya by killing their former President, Muamar Gaddafi, the Western powers are now targeting Ethiopia to turn it into ruins.

“We are saying that any issue we have in Africa must be resolved by Africans and we need African solutions for African issues; we want our sovereignty to be protected. Africa has never interfered in America’s internal politics, therefore US should not interfere in our politics,” Nebiyu said.

He added, “Ethiopia is fighting an African war and that is the reason why Africa needs to stand out with Ethiopia because if the Western countries succeed in Ethiopia, they will evade another African nation which could be Uganda.”

Nebiyu Asfaw a Social Justice activist and Co-founder, Ethio-American Development Council based in US (PHOTO /Courtesy)

“We need to stick together, we need to stand up together, the only way out of this as Africans is through unity and this was reflected at the United Nations security Council when every single African voted No when they were passing a resolution calling for UN investigations,” Nebiyu noted.

Nebiyu explained that as Diasporas, they are talking to different Pan-Africanists around the continent, with the Caribbeans like Jamicans and all other black nations that are being targeted and are under attack.

Rozina Negusei a Pan-Africanist and an Ethiopian- American and President Yoweri Museveni (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Speaking on the call, Rozina Negusei a Pan-Africanist and an Ethiopian- American said that it’s timely for all historical African diasporas to consider returning to Africa their credal land and help in building a strong continent.

“Africa is the hottest cake and that speaks to why all western countries including USA, Russia China are all embarking on investing in Africa as well as controlling the continent. We need to go back home at such a moment to save the continent from the self seekers who may end up only plundering our resources and leave us in ruins,” Rozina said.

Rozina noted that the historical diasporas need to take home their expertise, knowledge, investments and money to help the African governments grow stronger.


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