About #NoMore

#NoMore is a global movement originating in Africa whose mission is to create a cooperative network of diverse peoples and organizations who explicitly say "no more" to the tools of exploitation—disinformation, division and war—with the ultimate goal of building a more peaceful, creative and prosperous society.

The movement began on November 1, 2021 as a month-long campaign to bring awareness to and end the war on Ethiopia. The date was chosen to commemorate the start of the war only one year prior when a United States-backed ethnonational terrorist group attacked a federal military base in an attempt to topple the Ethiopian government and break apart the Ethiopian federation into 80+ balkanized ethnic states.

This bloody affair quickly led to a cascade of events that internationalized the conflict to include other African states (e.g. Eritrea, etc.) and triggered the US to impose harsh, unjustifiable punitive measures on those African states acting merely in self-defense, ultimately pitting the US and its local proxies against the very idea of African sovereignty.  The mainstream media framed this regime-change war as an ethnic "genocide" with arguably one of the most intense disinformation campaigns ever witnessed. While the war raged on, the US and its allies proceeded to instigate coups, threaten invasions and pass sanctions against multiple other African countries (Eritrea, Somalia, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, etc.), making it clear that Ethiopia was fighting a broader Pan-African war in defense of African sovereignty.

Fed up with the mainstream media's propagation of disinformation and division in support of US aggression and exploitation, a number of African organizers, mainly emanating from the Horn of Africa, began to coalesce on social media and communicate on messaging apps about a campaign of resistance. They decided to loudly say "no more" to disinformation, division and war by using the hashtag #NoMore on social media and posting photos of themselves wearing purple and yellow and holding a sign reading "no more." The campaign spread like wildfire.

To demonstrate #NoMore's popularity among the global masses, organizers planned simultaneous rallies across 27 cities on November 21, 2021. Hundreds of thousands of people came out into the streets and said, "no more." That day, the campaign officially became a movement. It was no longer about Ethiopia's war but about a global fight against exploitation. The #NoMore hashtag became so popular and so effective that it started trending internationally. US social media companies like Twitter, perhaps under pressure from the US government, began to censor leading voices within #NoMore and disabling the "trends" feature in multiple African countries.

These draconian measures only grew the movement, leading members to call for the creation of a new platform, for greater clarity of mission and for higher levels of organization. It is for this reason that this website was created.

www.nomore.global is the official website of the global #NoMore movement and the primary digital organizing tool to engineer the movement and help it achieve its mission.


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